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P-Plate Package

$160.99 $19.99

Free hardware – Save yourself $149.00 in the End of Year Sale for our P-Plate Package

(while stocks last – offer ends midnight Jan 15th 2020 – limit of 10 devices per customer unless by special arrangement)

This is a great “Peace of Mind” package to know what your kids are up to, where they are if they get into trouble and playback exactly what happened. Monitor their driving behaviour and keep everyone safe and happy.

Offer includes your Plug & Play OBD tracking device and access to the tracking service, chrome dashboard, Android and Apple Apps.

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This is a great Peace of Mind package to know what your kids are up to, where they are if they get into trouble and playback exactly what happened.

The iGPS P-Plate package includes:

* Live location (3 minute intervals)
* Speed alerts (System, Email and SMS) – Set max vehicle speed and be alerted where and when exceeded in real time (All SMS costs included)
* Vehicle Dashboard and Speed Graphs
* After Hours Feature – Includes Ignition On, Vehicle Moved, Power Disconnect and Motion alerts.
* Playback feature and reports
* GeoFencing – Create, Edit and Report from digital geofences
* Landmarks – Create, Edit and Report when your vehicles approach important landmarks
* Alerts including: Area In/Out, Ignition On/Off and battery status
* Main Power disconnect alert
* Maintenance and Rego reminders
* Publish location feature – Provide a web address to clients etc where they can (view only) the location of particular vehicles

The OBD (On Board Diagnostic) device will be shipped to you within 7 days. Simply plug the device into your vehicles OBD port as described on our website and log into your account with the username and password provided to you. Your vehicle will come online and you will have access to the features of your package. No further setup is required.

 *30 Day Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply) *Offer ends midnight Jan 15th 2020

Offer is based on a 24 month contracted subscription to the iGPS service at $19.99 per month for 24 months – Minimum total contract amount $479.76


Additional information

GSM Network


Network Band

3G / 4G

Internal Backup Battery

Yes 170mAh / 3.7v

6 reviews for P-Plate Package

  1. Nicki Fladorie

    Very Happy. daughter does not mind at all and we don’t have to worry about our car being stolen 🙂 We’ll just tell the police where it is.

  2. Michelle O’Neil

    Had one for three months and love it, this should be compulsory for P Platers!

  3. Janice McCliffe

    Installed this in our car when my Daughter got her P plates and it’s fantastic. Helps me sleep at night just knowing that if we need to find her we can. She has her own car now and we moved it to that. We never watch it or check up on her but if she does something silly like going over the max speed limit or going somewhere she shouldn’t it pings my phone. I highly recommend you get one. A+ thanks guys

  4. Kyle Spencer

    Love it, we have one in each of our sons cars, we help to finance / pay for their cars so we made it a requirement to fit the device if they wanted our help with the cars. We don’t big brother them but it does keep them in check and stops them from being stupid. One of them unplugged his and my phone when nuts within 60 seconds. He plugged it back in pretty quickly… Every P Plater should have one.

  5. Brenton Knox

    Super fast deliver and install only took 1 minute. Great product, just ordered another one for my own car.

  6. Ryan Sale

    What a great idea, has almost stopped my hair going grey, almost… Would recommend it to anyone. A++

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